Trader Talk with R Bessant Plumbing

Trader Talk with R Bessant Plumbing

Business name

R Bessant plumbing & heating ltd

bess2Your name

Richard Bessant

Your Industry?

Plumbing & Heating

How long have you been trading?

Been in the industry for 25 years & business owner for 8 years

How long have you lived in Exeter?

Exeter all my life (34 years plus vat!!)

Why is Exeter a good place to trade?

Exeter is a lovely city with lots of growth

Favourite thing about Exeter?

Exeter is great due to the
Range of options like coast / moors vibrant city centre

Best place to eat in Exeter?

Favourite place to eat apart from home & mothers is Harry’s steak house

Exeter in three words:

Simply the best!